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No Capes! by ZenatheZee No Capes! :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 5 0 Emergency Intern Adventure Kit by ZenatheZee Emergency Intern Adventure Kit :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 1 1 fem!11th Doctor for Impossible Astronaut Day by ZenatheZee fem!11th Doctor for Impossible Astronaut Day :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 4 0 Soul Eater Moon by ZenatheZee Soul Eater Moon :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 1 1 TARDIS Suitcase by ZenatheZee TARDIS Suitcase :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 4 1
My stepfather is watching a war movie upstairs,
I am mutilating my body to look like I've been in war here,
and it is a verbal war zone downstairs.
I never claim to understand irony,
but what home is this house?
:iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 0 0
life seemed full of possibility
as a child
i hadnt become too old to miss my hogwarts letter
to be a mermaid
a genie
have superpowers develop
as i grew older
and these possibilities passed
i realized life isnt an adventure
it is a struggle to do
bcuz im not going to save people
or be revered
im going to fight to learn what a tangent is
get good grades
go to college
have a family with 2.5 kids
not run all over the unknown world
save the universe
meet a mystical stranger who unlocks
my full potential
bcuz life isnt a story
we are not characters
we are beings full of a misguided hope
who do things bcuz were told to
without questioning it
this could be the matrix
our brains could be floating in a vat of liquid
electricity making us think things
but that would be a story too
and interesting
and worth fighting for
but life isnt really
we cling so desperately for fear of the other side
but we are nothing
specks in the universe
leftover star dust
70% water and 300% sa
:iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 2 4
chp 1
i guess when we first met
was the worst day
of my life
i forgot my umbrella and
got soaked walking to work
got yelled at
by my boss
walked home  
in the rain
almost bought a gun
but i didnt
because that required
talking to people
you held the umbrella over my head
the last few blocks
even though
it was too late
i tripped into a puddle
soaked you too
you hugged me
and we danced in the rain
i miss the rain
:iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 1 3
Thigh Sheath by ZenatheZee Thigh Sheath :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 1 0 Educational Decree Whiteboard by ZenatheZee Educational Decree Whiteboard :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 2 1
The Walker
There once was a man who in times of trouble, walked.
Throughout his whole life when he was upset or angry or sad, he went for a walk to clear his head. His family sometimes walked with him for companionship, and he enjoyed that, his dog sometimes walked with him, to burn energy, and he enjoyed that. But sometimes he walked alone, and he enjoyed that too.
His whole life at work he would sit at his desk and stare out the window, wanting to be walking, picturing beautiful mountains he could hike through. He dreamed of retirement where he could do that whenever he please.
But one day, when he only half a century old, his leg started to hurt. He walked, and after a mile it hurt so much he couldn't walk anymore.
The doctor said arthritis.
His retirement plan of hiking through breathtaking mountains was ruined.
And for the first time in his life, he couldn't walk to make himself feel better.
:iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 0 4
Mature content
Elegance :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 1 9
Mature content
Moving :iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 2 2
The Great Boob Conundrum
Claire and Sophie walk down the hall, getting into an argument about- once again- weight.
"Eat a cheese burger, damn you!" Claire exclaims, poking me in the stomach and causing me to wiggle. "I can feel your ribs!"
"That's tickles!" I shriek, prompting me to dodge and zig-zag. "Besides, I like my body the way it is." Claire grins manically.
"But you have no boobs!" Rolling my eyes, I stand up tall and loudly declare,
"I love my body, especially not having any boobs!" Luckily, no one near appears to have heard me, being too involved in their own conversations. But it seemed to have tempted fate, for as I said that, goose bumps broke out all over.
A fairy appears in front of them. Although she was small, about the size of a fist, the pair of knockers she had on her were still bigger than mine.
"I'm so sorry dear! Someone has corrupted you into being OKAY with no boobs? What trickery is this? And you!" She says, turning toward Claire in midair, "How could you let her be so brainwashed?" W
:iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 4 11
Hi. My name is Sophie. I write a blog where I document what I find funny, and I upload stories to DA.
I'm fifteen, a little nerdy, and depressed.
Or I was. I still occasionally have relapses. I can't look out windows without wondering what it would be like to swan dive out of one.
I'm not writing this for attention, I'm writing this because I care. I'm just like you, I swear. Something happened in my life to make me this way, and it's not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of being strong for too long. I'm writing this to show others that while life sucks now and you want to end it, you shouldn't. My low point was a couple years ago, where my home life was screaming all the time, low grades, and not caring about my appearance to the point of not trying, which only made me feel uglier. I slept a lot, and basically let myself go. I'm trying to tell you, it gets better. It's not over for me because I still live at home and we still have our problems, but everything got better. And when I mov
:iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 4 11
Fabulous Boyfriend
I always knew my death would be caused by being buried under glitter in a pillow fort while my metrosexual lover looked on and laughed.
Well not really, but I did figure out at the very start having a boyfriend more fabulous than me would cause problems.
Our relationship started off simple enough. I found a man with class but able to have fun when not viewed by the public, and he found a high-powered worker who appreciated the actual finer things in life, like coloring books and burping contests. We moved in together after six months.
Everything was fine… until the Pottery Barn catalog.
It was the little things at first, barely noticeable, but then they got harder to ignore. My whimsically mismatched dishware (meaning I broke everything in the set except one of each set) was replaced by modern stainless steel everything. My dark purple curtains were replaced by bright, airy, cheerful yellow ones, which went much better with everything in the living room and brightened up the room. But
:iconzenathezee:ZenatheZee 1 8


Bollywood Steampunk : Salkcity Photo Shoot by MakeupSiren Bollywood Steampunk : Salkcity Photo Shoot :iconmakeupsiren:MakeupSiren 3,409 396 Cosplayers gather around for a picture! by LaurenKitsune Cosplayers gather around for a picture! :iconlaurenkitsune:LaurenKitsune 195 37
Discovery of Media's Skimpy Skirts
It was a day beyond all normality.
A day that compared to the past several months was so exciting, so unreal, that no one would believe it until they saw it with their own eyes.
I got my ass out of my house.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I willingly departed from my house.
"I brought more fuel!" I shouted as soon as Goldilocks's parents were gone. In my hand was a paperback book as large as a textbook. It flopped around, trying to get used to moving after three years of inactivity. And it knew its fate, from the day seventh grade ended.
I was finally going to burn this stupid primary source document book.
Goldilocks cradled another book in her arms, one much more known around the world. I knew the cover said New Moon, but as I peered at it someone had taken a red sharpie, crossed out New, and replaced it with the f-word, so that it was now [F-word] Moon. How creative.
Ricko contributed a dictionary he had taken during the legal/illegal raid on discarded library books.
:iconflygon611:flygon611 1 2
TUTORIAL: Disney Girls by oceanstarlet TUTORIAL: Disney Girls :iconoceanstarlet:oceanstarlet 3,588 366 Dem Legs by flygon611 Dem Legs :iconflygon611:flygon611 2 1 Too Less Time, Too Many Guys by flygon611 Too Less Time, Too Many Guys :iconflygon611:flygon611 2 0 . by PurpleUFO . :iconpurpleufo:PurpleUFO 11 7 NECROPOLIS by JakeWyatt NECROPOLIS :iconjakewyatt:JakeWyatt 1,160 83
Frustration Station (Not Actual Title)
“You almost got caught!”
“I thought you were!”
“Thank goodness nothing was compromised.”
“We can’t afford to be compromised.”
Fabian held up both hands, silencing the crowd around him. They were in awe of the veteran, who had been in service longer than them. Dressed in dark brown cargo pants, a dirt-stained shirt, and black goggles, Fabian looked like a typical rebel. And in a way he was. Surrounded by fellow rebels against the world, including zombies, creatures, and the occasional pink plagues.
Out of the throng, he spotted a patch of hair like no other. It was platinum blonde, immaculately groomed, and much cleaner than the rest. Shined too. The hair stood out form the masses of dirty, messy, and bed-ridden rat’s nests.
Fabian raised his hand and waved to the blonde patch. The patch didn’t respond. He sighed, shaking his head, and pushed through the horde. By now everyone had gotten over the news of his arrival, and
:iconflygon611:flygon611 1 0
Mature content
Side Pocket - An SRU Short :icondestiny-smasher:Destiny-Smasher 42 30
Quick claw gash (it sucks) by Smokey-Doodle Quick claw gash (it sucks) :iconsmokey-doodle:Smokey-Doodle 2 11 Just You an Me by Smokey-Doodle Just You an Me :iconsmokey-doodle:Smokey-Doodle 6 15 I clearly don't draw enough Percy Jackson... by viria13 I clearly don't draw enough Percy Jackson... :iconviria13:viria13 14,239 1,845 Heroes of Olympus by viria13 Heroes of Olympus :iconviria13:viria13 22,521 1,661 Dragons by synesthesicchick
Mature content
Dragons :iconsynesthesicchick:synesthesicchick 1 8


I did stuff this summer I swear. When the TARDIS car is finished, I'll upload that too.
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